Bonsai Rotating Turntable (lockable) 盆景转盘旋转修剪台 (可锁定)


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Lockable rotating turntable. Made from aluminum alloy. Bonsai turntable makes pruning your Bonsai far easier, allowing you to get 360-degree access to branches with minimal effort. The smooth rotation brings you precise trimming options, and every cut can be made comfortably.

Table top diameter          : 30cm
Height                             : 13cm
Bottom base diameter    : 18cm
Nett Weight                    : 2.1 kg
Capacity holds up to      : 200kg



盘面直径 : 30cm
高             : 13cm
底部直径 : 18cm
净重         : 2.1 kg
可承受重量 : 200kg