Baja Ghas Garden Fertiliser (45) – 长青肥 (45) 400gm


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长青肥 45 粒状肥料罕有氮,磷,钾均衡的肥料,适合所有花草树木及农作物,促进开花结果。

常施用长青肥45 肥料能保持土地肥沃,为植物补充营养。

N15 P15 K15


BAJA GHAS 45 GARDEN FERTILISER is a specially formulated and balanced compound NPK fertilizer that induces vigorous growth for all plants and trees.

Regular use of BAJA GHAS 45 GARDEN FERTILISER 45 will improve soil texture and control release of nutrients.

N15 P15 K15